Mint Very Fine


  • Canada #145 Very Fine Never Hinged Plate #2 Ur Block Of Ten
  • Sg. 43/44. G1. Eg 1d Red. Plate 224. A Very Fine Unmounted Mint Examp B41427
  • Sg. 158. J45a. Se. 3d Rose. Plate 21. A Very Fine Unmounted Mint Exam B41552
  • Sg. 43/44. Sg Tl 1d Red. Plate 71. A Very Fine Mint Bottom Right Ha B14473
  • Sg2 1d Black, Plate 1b, Ad, 4 Margin, Very Fine, Mounted Mint With Rps Cert
  • Sg. 43/44. Sa Sb Ta Tb 1d Red. Plate 145. A Very Fine Lightly Mounted Mint
  • Canada #3piii Very Fine Plate Proof With Vertical Green Specimen India On Card
  • Sg. 163 Variety K8c. Fg. 1/- Purple. Plate 14. A Very Fine Mounted Mint